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Columbia Pressure Washing specializes in professional services for residential and commercial buildings. We are a young business with a great experience in attention to details. Established in Portland, also offering services in the Metropolitan area. The customer service that you will receive, is like no other. Our customers are really important to us, and we make certain you are 100% satisfied.

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Pressure washing services include:

Carports & Drive thru                           


Stairs & Steps                                            

Dumpster areas                                          

Parking Lots                            

Removal  Graffiti/Oil stains       

Windows & Awnings

2012-03-30164004.jpg IMG_20120323_142449.jpg 0412121403.jpg

Sidewalks & Sideways

Brickwork & Blockwork

Outdoor Decking

Outdoor Fencing

Concrete & Wood Reseal

Roof Cleaning

Structure Cleaning

Industrial Tanks

Automotive Cleaning

Commercial Fleet Vehicle

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